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Tattie Bogle Vodka

Tattie Bogle Vodka

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Tattie Bogle Vodka is Scotland’s first potato vodka, and named after the "Tattie Bogles" (the ancient Scots name for potato scarecrows) that once stood sentry on our fields.

We use Maris Piper, King Edward and Cultra potatoes, all grown on our family farm.

The potatoes are picked at a time to ensure their creamy character stays alive all the way to the bottle, producing a vodka of unrivalled character with a silky, creamy finish.

This is a truly exceptional vodka with an ultra-smooth and velvety taste.

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"Received my bottle of Arbikie Vodka last week and wow it’s smooth! I’ve never tasted vodka like it. First saw it GQ Magazine's best vodkas in the world and I was not disappointed. Highly recommended."
- Amy ★★★★★

"Not easy to buy potato vodka - my wife can't tolerate grain easily - and an alternative to other brands. Potatoes grown and processed on the farm so supporting a local small business, excellent creamy taste."
- John ★★★★★

  • Authentic

    Tattie Bogle is made with our field to bottle ethos, allowing us to ensure the finest of ingredients are used.

  • Independent

    We're an independently owned family distillery with a history dating back 400 years on our farm.

  • Sustainable

    We aim to help our planet in all aspects. From recycling to minimal packaging to green energy.

Tattie Bogle Vodka

Scotland's first potato vodka and a Winner of Vodka of the Year! Tattie Bogle is one of our best-sellers for it's deliciously creamy flavour that's base flavour is derived from a blend of 3 potatoes grown on our farm.

Crop: Three varieties of potato

Awards: UK Vodka of the Year - World Drink Awards

On The Palate Silky smooth, creamy, rich,black pepper, hints of pear.

On The Nose: Creamy, black pepper, hints of spice.

We're Jammin'

Fresh and fruity twist on the classic Moscow Mule using our creamy potato vodka. The refreshing touch of citrus balances perfectly with fruity raspberry jam and spiced ginger beer.

50ml Tattie Bogle Vodka
20ml Fresh lime
2tsp Raspberry jam/conserve
Top up with ginger beer

Garnish: Raspberries, mint & lemon

Glass: Highball