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Nadar. Climate Positive Vodka

Nadar. Climate Positive Vodka

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We've added a world first to our world first by creating Nàdar Vodka. Nàdar Vodka again harnesses the power of both nature and science to create this world first vodka spirit. 

An antidote to tasteless vodkas! At Arbikie Distillery we make our own base spirit which retains many subtle flavors lost in most vodkas. This field to bottle, world first spirit is distinctive and delicious, with a vibrant and spicy taste alongside a contrasting floral nose.

World's first climate positive vodka

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"If you’ve ever looked for a vodka that you can enjoy chilled but still delivers flavour, search no further. Nàdar Vodka delivers time and time again. It tastes amazing, with beautiful vegetal notes, a creamy mouthfeel and smooth finish."-

- Remy, Thyme Bar NYC ★★★★★

"The whole point of vodka is that it is designed to be neutral, but it doesn't have to be...the peas create a green, freshness to it that you just don't get using grain or potatoes, which makes it unique."- Martin ★★★★★

  • Authentic

    Nàdar Vodka is made with our field to bottle ethos, allowing us to ensure the finest of ingredients are used.

  • Independent

    We're an independently owned family distillery with a history dating back 400 years on our farm.

  • Sustainable

    We aim to help our planet in all aspects. From recycling to minimal packaging to green energy.

Nàdar Vodka

The first climate positive gin in the world - made with the humble pea. With a carbon footprint of -1.53kg CO2e per 700ml bottle of vodka, Nàdar is at the forefront of fighting climate change and biodiversity loss, avoiding more carbon emissions than it produces.

Crop: Peas

Awards: The World's First Climate Positive Vodka

On The Palate Intense. Vibrant. Spicy.

On The Nose: Floral. Crushed white pepper.

Lemongrass Fizz

Refreshing, light and fresh. Think Asian Mojito in terms of flavour but made with the unique and vibrant pea based Nàdar vodka.

50ml Nàdar Vodka
8 mint leaves
25ml Fresh lime juice
15ml Honey water (2:1 honey/water) or sugar syrup
2 inches muddled lemongrass
Top up with ginger ale

Garnish: Mint

Glass: Highball