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Kirsty's Gin

Kirsty's Gin

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Kirsty’s Gin is named after our master distiller at Arbikie, Kirsty Black, who carefully chose local botanicals to represent Arbikie’s unique landscape and surroundings.

The kelp, carline thistle and blaeberries represent the elements of ocean, rock & land that surround our Scottish east coast farmlands.

As farmers since 1660, we are a true field to bottle operation and perfectly nurture the crops that we use to distil our gin.


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"The best gin we have ever tasted. We first tried this as part of the Craft Gin Club. We have tried many different guns since and can’t find one to even match it."
- Mrs Hart ★★★★★

"Stunning gin, very different from a standard London Dry with such a warm vanilla like flavour. Will be a favourite for a long time I suspect."
- Mark★★★★★

  • Authentic

    Kirsty's Gin is made with our field to bottle ethos, allowing us to ensure the finest of ingredients are used.

  • Independent

    We're an independently owned family distillery with a history dating back 400 years on our farm.

  • Sustainable

    We aim to help our planet in all aspects. From recycling to minimal packaging to green energy.

Kirsty's Gin

Named after our award-winning Master Distillery, Kirsty Black. This special gin is a tribute to the our land, with the botanicals representing the local sea, rock and ocean that surrounds our farm overlooking the majestic Lunan Bay

Crop: Three varieties of potato

Botanicals: Kelp, carline thistle and blaeberries

On The Palate Smooth, creamy, floral, citrus, delicate black pepper notes.

On The Nose: Fresh, crisp, black pepper, seaside character.

Fresh as a Daisy

The elegant pairing of our fresh Strawberry vodka with the floral, peppery creamy notes from Kirsty's gin, makes a refreshing cucumber twist on the classic Gimlet cocktail.

25ml Strawberry Vodka
25ml Kirsty's Gin
20ml Fresh lime juice
20ml Honey water (2-1 Honey to Water) or simple syrup
2 inches cucumber (sliced thinly and muddled).

Garnish: Basil leaf & cucumber ribbon

Glass: Rocks