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Haar Vodka

Haar Vodka

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Arbikie Distillery overlooks the dramatic Lunan Bay on the east coast of Scotland.

Arbikie Haar Vodka is named after the rolling and chilly coastal fog that frequently envelops the distillery.

This evocative Vodka is creamy with hints of vanilla, spice and caramel. Add to this the infused flavor of the place from where it originated, and we’ve created a truly unique vodka experience.

The Spirits Business - Most Innovative Release

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"Incredible! Deliciously smooth with bonfire notes from the home grown chipotle chillis. An intense heat which is perfect for a Bloody Mary. Gluten free too. World class."

- David ★★★★★

"Bought fir hubbie's Xmas. As a confirmed chillihead and Vodka drinker he is absolutely delighted with it. He loves the flavour and that it is home grown Scottish chillis and potatoes that go into making it."

- Gizas ★★★★★

  • Authentic

    Chilli Vodka is made with our field to bottle ethos, allowing us to ensure the finest of ingredients are used.

  • Independent

    We're an independently owned family distillery with a history dating back 400 years on our farm.

  • Sustainable

    We aim to help our planet in all aspects. From recycling to minimal packaging to green energy.

Chilli Vodka

Using our renowned potato vodka as a base recipe, this Chilli vodka captures the smokiness of our chipotle chillies - grown on our farm - to create a uniquely flavoured spirit that's truly authentic.

Crop: Three Varieties of Potato

Awards: Arbikie "Smokin' Mary cocktail named 'Best Bloody Mary in London' by Buzzfeed

On The Palate: Creamy, deep, rich, earthy, smoky, spicy.

On The Nose: Smoky, Spice.

Smoky Bloody Mary

Smoky twist on the iconic brunch drink, the Bloody Mary. No need for tabasco, all the heat, BBQ and bonfire notes are found inside the chipotle Chilli vodka which add an exciting dimension to any cocktail.

50ml Chilli Vodka
100ml Tomato juice
25ml Beetroot juice
4 Dashes of Worcestershire sauce
20ml Lemon juice
Black pepper
Celery salt

Garnish: Rosemary, olive, lemon wedge, salt & pepper rim

Glass: Highball