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Highland Rye Single Grain Scotch Whisky Release 2

131-1330-9898908 | Highland Rye Single Grain Release 2

Arbikie Highland Rye Single Grain Scotch Whisky Release 2 is aged 4 years.

A limited edition, it is bold, exciting and full of flavour. It is proudly ‘single grain’ – grain whisky produced at a single distillery. That distillery is Arbikie where the team value tradition, authenticity and on our enduring field to bottle principles.

The copper pot distilled Highland Rye Single Grain Scotch Whisky has been matured in first-fill charred American Oak casks and enriched in Armagnac barrels.

With only 1220 bottles available globally this is a unique luxury whisky release.


Crop: Arantes Scottish Rye, Viscount Scottish Wheat, Odyssey Scottish Malted Barley 

Field name: 'Drummies' South Facing


Dates, Apricot, Caraway

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Perched on the east coast of Scotland, Arbikie Highland Estate Distillery overlooks
the infinite stretch of Lunan Bay and is surrounded by every element needed to
produce exceptional spirits. To the east, the sea brings the salt-ladened wind that
permiates our distillery. To the west, our estate nurtures the crops for distilling.
Closeby, the Angus hills filter fresh water into our own underground loch.


Arbikie Highland Estate is an authentic field to bottle Scottish farm and distillery.
Provenance and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do.
Our distillery combines the best of ancient and modern crafts to imbue our spirits
with a sense of place and a taste of the land from where they came.

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